2018 Ordinances


Ordinance #  Introduced  Adopted  Descriptive Title
2018-1424  01/16/2018  02/06/2018 Ordinance Setting Salaries for Certain Departments
2018-1425 02/20/2018 03/06/2018 Ordinance Amending The Appointment of Special Counsel 
2018-1426 02/20/2018
Ordinance Amending Salaries for Borough Clerk and Department of Law
2018-1427 03/20/2018
Ordinance Vacating a Portion of Phipps Place
2018-1428  03/20/2018 04/03/2018 Ordinance Authorizing Acceptance of a Deed of Roadway Dedication for a Portion of Phipps Place
2018-1429  03/20/2018 04/03/2018 Ordinance to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriations Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank
2018-1430  05/01/2018  05/15/2018  Bond Ordinance For 2018 Road Program
2018-1431  05/15/2018 06/12/2018 Ordinance Amended  to Include Stop Sign at Intersection of Terry Lane and William Street
2018-1432  07/10/2018  08/07/2018 Ordinance Setting Salaries for Department Heads and Statutory Employees
2018-1433 08/07/2018  09/04/2018 Ordinance Amending "Personnel Policies" to Implement a Mandatory Direct Deposit Policy
2018-1434  08/07/2018   Ordinance Amending LUO to Authorize and Regulate Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Eating and Sidewalk Cafes
2018-1435 08/07/2018  09/04/2018 Ordinance Prohibiting the Intentional Release of Balloons Inflated with Lighter Than Air Gases
2018-1436  09/04/2018  09/18/2018 Ordinance Approving Amendment to Financial Agreement Pursuant to the Long Term Tax Exemption Law with Commvault Tinton Falls Urban Renewal, LLC
2018-1437  10/16/2018   Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 2017-1421 Authorizing a First Amendment to the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Acquisition of Block 145, Lot 28.01, Commonly Known as the Walz Property for the Preservation of Dedicated Open Space