K-9 Unit

Mission Statement 

The K-9 Unit’s mission statement is to support the Tinton Falls Police Department, the surrounding communities and the detective operations in the search for outstanding felony suspects, misdemeanor suspects armed with a firearm, lost and missing persons and evidence. The K-9 unit also assists in the detection of controlled dangerous substances within vehicles, homes, on property and in vessels.


K-9 teams respond to assist field and detective operations on a city-wide basis, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. K-9 teams also assist with emergency service calls including "officer needs help", "officer needs assistance" or "officer needs back-up" as well as calls in the everyday operations of a police officer.

The K-9 Unit is one of Tinton Falls’ specialized units in patrol and narcotics which is supervised by Lieutenant Gerry Turning Jr. (trainer) and currently consists of two cross trained K-9 officers, Cpl. Anthony Turso (trainer) and Ptl. Christopher Whalen

K-9 Unit History
In January of 1994, Cpl. Glenn Rogers recognized an urgent need for specialized canine work in the Borough of Tinton Falls.  Cpl. Rogers understood the need to assist his fellow officers without causing further risk or harm to them while performing extensive searches for dangerous felony suspects who had concealed themselves. All too often these searches resulted in the suspects not being located.  In March of 1994 approval was given by the Borough of Tinton Falls to train one patrol dog for the apprehension of criminals as well as for location of the lost and missing.  After one year of this program, Cpl. Rogers was given permission to train his K-9 partner, Rookie, in the detection of controlled dangerous substances. The achievements of K-9 Rookie were so astounding that in 1999 an additional K-9 unit was formed.  In almost two decades of operation, an increasing demand for the unique services provided by the K-9 Unit has allowed it to gradually grow and it has proved to be a valuable asset to this department and to the Borough of Tinton Falls.

Life with a K-9 Dog

K9 Training is conducted daily to keep the unit sharp and ready for action.  The patrol dog training is a 16 week program. Narcotics training is a 10 week program. Both of these programs are necessary for the dogs to be certified.

Both Shadow and Justice live with their K9 unit officers. Corporal Anthony Turso’s K9 is named Shadow. He is 5 years old and is from Belgium. Patrolman Christopher Whalen’s K9 is named Justice. He is also from Belgium.

After a long day on the job the K9’s go home with the officers where they live a normal dog’s life. Once they’re home, the work switch goes off and they are able to interact with the officer and his family.  When company comes over however, the K9’s are brought to their exterior kennels in order to ensure the safety of others. The K9’s kennels are covered and heated for the dog’s comfort.  


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Patrolman Christopher Whalen with K9 Justice Cpl. Anthony Turso with K9 Shadow

Patrolman Christopher Whalen and Corporal Anthony Turso with K9 Shadow

Cpl. Anthony Turso with K9 Shadow, Lieutenant Gerald Turning Jr. & Ptl. Christopher Whalen with K9 Justice