Ptl. Christopher Whalen and Borough Admin Gerry Turning demonstrate how Police K-9 dogs would apprehend a suspect

Using a padded arm covering, Gerry Turning allows K-9, "Justice", to grab hold of his arm

Justice will continue to hold on to the suspect until Ptl. Whalen commands him to let go

Ptl. Whalen shows the audience a K-9's prized possession.

Ptl. Whalen explains how a K-9 will perform tasks knowing if he performs it well, he will get the ball

Justice plays tug o' war with Ptl. Whalen as his reward

Notice how Justice follows Ptl. Whalen's every move and is always watching him

Ptl. Whalen shows how much Justice loves and respects him and vice versa

Ptl. Whalen demonstrates how a K-9 sniffs out drugs and other contraband substances

Justice stops and concentrates on this particular box

Once Justice starts to scratch at the box, Ptl. Whalen knows that this box contains an illegal substance

And for sniffing out the correct box, Justice receives his reward