The Police would like to advise residents to contact the Police Department at 732-542-4422 if you are approached by a solicitor who does not possess a Tinton Falls permit.  For your convenience, we have posted the Ordinance pertaining to peddling and solicitation.


5-6.1 License Required.
It shall be unlawful for any solicitor, canvasser, hawker or peddler, as defined in sub-section 5-6.2 to engage in such business or to sell or dispose of, or offer to sell or dispose of, any goods, wares, merchandise or service to be rendered in the future, or to take orders for any goods, wares, merchandise or services to be delivered or rendered in the future, within the Borough without first obtaining a license therefore. (1982 Code ยง139-1; Ord. #151)

Chief John A. Scrivanic


Due to an increase in false alarms within the town, the police department is going to aggressively enforce Borough Ordinance 5.1 from this point forward. The ordinance, in part, states:

A False alarm shall mean any alarm activated by inadvertence, negligence or the unintentional act of someone other than an intruder, and includes, as well, alarms caused by the malfunctioning of the alarm device or other relevant equipment.

Borough Ordinance 5.1 (d) False Alarms; Penalties.

1. In the case of a false alarm, any person having knowledge thereof shall immediately notify the Police Department in a manner to be prescribed by rules and regulations in accordance with subsection 5-1.7. In addition, in the case of false alarms, the Chief of Police or the designated representative shall cause an investigation to be made and shall keep a record of the alarms on file. For such false alarms, the following penalties shall apply:
(a) For the first and second false alarm in any given calendar year, a warning shall be issued.
(b) For the third false alarm in the same calendar year, a fine of fifteen ($15.00) dollars shall be paid to the Borough.
(c) For the fourth or any subsequent false alarm, a fine of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars shall be paid to the Borough.