Also known as Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP).

The CDRP is a group of experienced and trained volunteers from the community, appointed by the Court, approved at the County level, who assist citizens in resolving their disputes through the process of Mediation.  Its' fundamental purpose is to function as a service to the community by endeavoring to helpfully intervene in dispute prior to the case formally entering the criminal justice system.  Mediation sessions are confidential, therefore Mediators are prohibited from discussing the case with anyone prior to or after the conference.  Only those individuals directly related to the case are allowed to be present.  Once a complaint is filed the Municipal Court Judge will determine whether or not a case is to be sent to Mediation or onto Court.  Not all cases are eligible to participate in the CDRP.  Cases that cannot be resolved through Mediation or those considered too complex will be referred back to the Municipal Court for a scheduled formal hearing.

The CDRP operates under specific rules that have been established by the NJ State Supreme Court Committee on Dispute Resolution Programs.