Zoning (forms)

A permit application is required whenever a residential or non-residential owner would like to make an improvement to an existing or new property.

The following are the types of permits required and general info:

  • Zoning - Required for general improvements such as an addition, shed, deck, patio, fence, garage, finished basement, tenant fit-up; and/or a new home or commercial building - Zoning Map.
  • Pool - Required when installing an above or below ground pool or making any improvements on an existing pool.
  • Sign - Required by commercial businesses when either a new business needs signage or changing an existing sign.
  • Commercial Use - This application is required when a business would like to occupy a property and is not certain of all the zoning requirements. 
  • Tree Removal - Required when seeking to remove trees from a property.

Whenever submitting a Zoning, Pool or Sign permit you will also have to contact the Building Department office to submit the necessary building permits.