CCO Residential Application Information

Documentation Required:

Heat & A/C Unit Certification which is an inspection of your furnace and (if applicable) central A/C unit.  A heat & A/C unit certification is the responsibility of the applicant to contact a professional heat & A/C vendor of their choice who will inspect the unit and state on the receipt provided that the unit is in proper working condition.  The heating & A/C inspection can be scheduled before or after you submit your CCO application as long as we receive a copy of the receipt or letter stating the heating & A/C unit is in good working condition.  This documentation is required before your final CCO can be released.

Well, Septic, Wood Fireplace & Gas Fireplace Certification if yes to any on this list, you will need to contact the appropriate professional to obtain certification as follows:

  • Well - Well water must be tested by a state certified labatory.
  • Septic - Septic system must be inspected, certified and cleaned out.
  • Wood Fireplace - Fireplace must be inspected by a fireplace professional stating fireplace is clean, clear and working properly.
  • Gas Fireplace - This inspection can be completed by the same vendor hired to inspect your furnace.

Here is a brief list explaining some of the fields represented on the CCO form that are most often questioned.

  • Block & Lot if not known can be left blank.  The department will check not only for the accuracy of the Block & Lot number when submitted, but also will check to make sure property taxes are current.  If taxes are not current, the application will not be accepted until documentation is provided.  Acceptable documentation is either a paid receipt from the Tax Collector's Office or a letter from an attorney's office stating taxes will be paid at closing.
  • Mt. Laurel Unit if yes, then a copy of the contract is required.  A Mt. Laurel unit can only be sold for a certain price according to the guidelines in the original housing agreement. See Affordable Housing for more information.
  • Active Adult Community if yes, you will need to provide a letter from your management office whereby it states they approve the person you are selling or renting to and they meet the requirements according to their rules.
  • Accessory Home Structures if checked, represents the current structures on your property for inspection.
  • Name of Buyer/Tenant should indicate the buyer(s) or renter(s) of the property who are on the contract and/or lease agreement.
  • Persons Occupying Dwelling Unit should indicate the name(s) of everyone that will occupy the property including children.