Non-CCO Residential Process Information

Here is a general list of the application process:

  • Submit completed application and pay fee.
  • Application is checked for completeness. (See Application Information for more details.)
  • An inspection date is scheduled and coordinated with the Fire Prevention Bureau for a Fire Prevention inspection date. Inspections are done weekday mornings. All utilities must be operating at time of inspection. (Gas, Water & Electric)
  • Property file is checked to verify there are no outstanding permits.
  • Inspector completes inspection. (Partial checklist)
    • Inspection Failed:
      • The inspector will explain the reason(s) the inspection failed.  Once you have resolved the issue(s), you are responsible for contacting the office to schedule a reinspection date.
    • Inspection Passes:
      • If there are no outstanding issues and all necessary documentation has been received, the final Non-CCO document will be mailed.