Non-CCO Residential Application Information

Documentation Required:

Heat & A/C Unit Certification which is an inspection of your furnace and (if applicable) central A/C unit.  A heat & A/C unit certification is the responsibility of the applicant to contact a professional heat & A/C vendor of their choice who will inspect the unit and state on the receipt provided that the unit is in proper working condition.  The heating & A/C inspection can be scheduled before or after you submit your Non-CCO application as long as we receive a copy of the receipt or letter stating the heating & A/C unit is in good working condition.  This documentation is required before your final Non-CCO can be released.

Here is a brief list explaining some of the fields represented on the Non-CCO form that are most often questioned.

  • Store/Unit Number if there are several units within an office building, please list which one on the application.
  • Property Address indicates the address you are interested in leasing and/or purchasing.
  • Existing or Former Use should represent the business name and type (i.e. XYZ Company, accounting firm).
  • Proposed Use should represent the type of business along with the name, if known when submitting application.
  • Owner section should list the legal owner of record for the property.
  • Lessee/Buyer section should list the person or company name who will occupy the property.