Pool (form)

In an attempt to expedite the application process, listed below is necessary information to be submitted when applying for a pool permit.

  1. A grading plan is required with existing and proposed contours.
    • Please indicate name of individual preparing grading.
    • In lieu of contours, you must show no change in elevation.
    • Re-grading in a utility easement is prohibited.
    • You must show any inlets or manholes in the utility easement on the subject property or the adjacent property.
    • Provide lot coverage for all existing and proposed improvements.
      NOTE:  Water area not calculated in lot coverage.  Lot coverage requirements may be found in property zones R1 & R2 and R3 & R4.
  2. A survey of the property must be submitted showing all proposed improvements drawn to scale:
      • Walkways
      • Patios, concerte, pavers or any other type of improvement
      • Sheds
      • Filters
      • Fencing
  3. Any existing improvements must be shown on the survey (to scale).  If existing improvements are to be removed or relocated, that must also be shown on the survey.
  4. Review setbacks required for the location of the pool by property zones - Bulk Regulations-Residential Uses.