Signs (forms)

A sign permit is required for any person, firm or corporation to erect, alter, locate or relocate, reconstruct or change in any manner any sign or signs which also includes changing the wording, color or illumination of any existing sign.  Please refer to the Borough Ordinance Section 40-34 for specific sign information.

All applications for a sign permit must submit the following:

  1. A diagram of each proposed, as well as existing, sign that is to be erected, altered, located or relocated.
  2. The description must contain the following:
    • The location and its relationship to all property lines, ground level and buildings.
    • Size of the sign, (by inches and feet), accurate dimensions, the material of which it is to be constructed. lighting details if the sign is to be lighted.
  3. Certification that the taxes are current to be obtained from the Tax Collector's office.
  4. Any additional information the Zoning Officer may deem necessary.