Tree Removal (form)

A Tree Removal Permit must be submitted by the property owner if you are considering cutting or removing a tree. 

The process to apply for a permit is as follows:

  • Submit an application and pay fee of $5.  Exact cash or check made payable to the "Borough of Tinton Falls"
  • Include on the form the # of tree(s) to be removed and their diameter along with the reason for removal.
  • Attach a current property survey with the application.
  • Mark the trees to be removed on the survey.
  • Show existing and proposed grading.
  • The Zoning Officer will forward application to the Shade Tree Commission.
  • Shade Tree Commission will visit the site and provide a report to the Zoning Officer with a recommendation.
  • Zoning Officer will review the report and either approve or decline the application.
  • Applicant is notified of Zoning Officer's decision.