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Borough Clerk Retires and new Clerk is sworn in

At the Borough Council meeting on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Mayor Michael Skudera and Council joined the audience in thanking the Borough Clerk, Karen Mount-Taylor, for her 23 years of dedicated service to the Borough and wished her well in her retirement and any future endeavors she has planned.  Each member of the dais expressed their appreciation of her professionalism and everyone spoke of how Karen, at one time or another, helped them to better understand the finer details on the rules of government.  That same sentiment was echoed by several residents who came to the podium to speak at the public discussion portion of the meeting.

Council President Gary Baldwin read the Resolution 10-311 which formally thanked Karen Mount-Taylor for her service and expressed his many thanks for her assistance over the years and presented her with a gift from the Mayor and Council.  Karen thanked everyone for their well wishes and is looking forward to some relaxation before starting the next chapter of her life.


At the same meeting, the new Borough Clerk, Maureen Murphy, was sworn in by the present Borough Clerk, Karen Mount-Taylor.  Maureen was surrounded by family and friends during the ceremony.  Maureen received a very warm welcome from the Mayor and Council all wishing her well in her new position and looking forward to working with her.