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  • Solar Power Presentation

    The Technical Advisory Committee presented their recommendations to the Borough Council at the June 15, 2010 meeting (see presentation).  The research was presented to the Council and they were receptive of the idea and requested further study to assess the overall viability with the Monmouth County Improvement Authority and more detailed financial analysis.  TAC is targeting September for the more detailed analysis presentation.

    Wind Study

    The Borough is working with Professor Riddel of Rowan University on a wind study project.  To date an anemometer has been installed. Professor Riddell has indicated that interim data distribution may not be possible based on the number of equipment installations the students have active. He indicated that once the data was available, he would transmit the information to the Borough.


    The Tinton Falls Environmental Commission and Technical Advisory Committee are joining forces to explore the deployment of Green Technologies within the Borough.  The groups will focus on how applying Green Technologies (Solar, Wind, Lighting, etc.) will reduce our carbon footprint while potentially saving tax dollars at the same time.  Please join our meetings to learn more or to contribute your knowledge and expertise.

    Wireless Lapel Mics

    A request to investigate and recommend wireless lapel mics for use at Borough Council meetings was undertaken by the TAC.  Mics, which were the most economical and provided the best range, were tested at the March 9, 2010 Council meeting.  Opinions were mixed on the benefits since there exists a suitable sound system.

    The New Website

    Since completing the technology transition to the new Borough Hall, including a state of the art converged voice and data network, the Tinton Falls Technical Advisory committee has been focused on the development of the new Borough website. This new website is the information center for Borough government, departments, committees, community organizations, and events. Tinton Falls parks and recreation areas may be toured on an interactive map. An integrated calendar allows residents to obtain information about meetings, events, public works schedules, library and recreation programs. The “Citizen Concerns & Inquiries” is a key new feature of this website which provides the ability for residents to enter requests and concerns via the web (e.g., drainage issues, schedule bulk pickup, parking, etc.). Each inquiry is automatically routed to the appropriate department and tracked until resolved.

    The Committee performed testing, gathered feedback from community members, and fine-tuned the content . Thanks to all the Committee members and volunteers who gave of their time and expertise.  The Committee will continue to address the website as it continues to evolve and grow to meet the needs of the people of Tinton Falls for years to come.

    The First Assignment - New Building Infrastructure

    The Committee was immediately tasked with surveying the needs of the new Municipal Building, which was currently under construction, and recommending the types of telephone and other communications systems to be incorporated. The schedule anticipated that the building would be ready at the end of March 2007.

    On December 19, 2006, the Committee recommended a vendor and telephone system to the Borough Council. The Council responded favorably to the recommendation, which saved in excess of $200,000 in comparison to the previous proposal. Here is the
    presentation made to the Council explaining how the Committee  arrived at its conclusion.

    On March 6, 2007, the Committee recommended a vendor and communications network to the Borough Council. The Council responded favorably to the recommendation

    The new telephone system is installed and operating in the new building.

    The hardware for the communications network is installed and implemented..

    The Committee selected a vendor, solicited public input and finalized the design for this new web site. It went on line in September 2008.