80% of the residents in Tinton Falls have Power - Over 250 Volunteers Help Out 

Dear Residents,

As of this afternoon, November 4th Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) is reporting that 80% of the residents in Tinton Falls have had their power restored.  While progress is continuing to be made, Tinton Falls will not rest until full power has been made available.

Unfortunately, JCP&L does not provide street by street updates of when power will be restored so we are unable to give this information out.  We are frustrated that there are still many residents who do not have power and my administration is constantly relaying citizens’ concerns and questions to the proper utilities and agencies. During this State of Emergency please directly contact the Tinton Falls Office of Emergency Management at 732-542-3400 ext. 555.  If you have an emergency please dial 911.

Over 250 Volunteers Helped Yesterday

Thank you to each of the volunteers that showed up at Borough Hall yesterday to assist neighbors.  Over 250 Tinton Falls residents blanketed the borough to distribute flyers and knock on doors.  I have heard heartwarming stories about residents giving food, water, and firewood to help one another.

Standing Room Only: Over 250 volunteers showed up to help out.

Voting District Information

With the national election approaching on Tuesday, all polling stations are fully functional, except for one district. If you live in District 4 and vote at Monmouth Regional High School, your polling location has been relocated to Borough Hall (across the street), 556 Tinton Avenue.

- Mayor Michael Skudera