Dear Residents,


Early this morning, November 7th, the Department of Public Works proactively equipped the fleet to handle winter conditions in Tinton Falls in the event that the earlier forecasted rain would turn to snow, which is what happened in the afternoon.  Trucks have been out plowing the roadways and putting salt down on the roads.


Power Update

Earlier today, power went out again at the Borough Hall, which is again running on generators but remains fully operational. Additionally, several sections of Tinton Falls that previously had their power restored are now back offline! The total number of homes without power was down this morning to fewer than 300 homes; however since the start of the Nor’easter that number is now over 1,400 residents according to the latest update from JCP&L.



To view the number of JCP&L outages click on the following link:



Pushing JCP&L

It is very frustrating that JCP&L does not provide detailed information to Tinton Falls or other towns for that matter. Unfortunately, we do not have street by street information or estimates on when power will be restored at specific locations.



We have been pushing JCP&L hard, however.



I spoke with JCP&L again today, and while they are striving for full power restoration in Tinton Falls this Sunday, they will not guarantee this to us. My administration has been constantly seeking answers from the utility companies. Each day, John Mack, my director of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and I personally visit the affected areas in Tinton Falls that do not have power. We have spoken with many residents and JCP&L crews and have worked to assist their efforts in trying to restore 100% full power to the Borough of Tinton Falls.



The Tinton Falls OEM is fully staffed and volunteers are there answering the phones. Members of the borough council have also spent many hours at this office assisting residents. To report downed wires and trees or other issues please call the OEM at 732-542-3400 x 555, however if you have an emergency please dial 911.


My heart goes out to those that are still without power, especially on a cold snowy night like tonight!  I pray that you will stay safe and hope that power is restored as soon as possible.

- Mayor Michael Skudera