Petition Re: Cost to Educate Earle Civilians

 Dear Tinton Falls Resident,

Do you want your taxes to go up?

Please take a moment to read about this very important issue and how it will affect how much taxes you pay in Tinton Falls. Then please take action today.

  • The Navy is planning to open 300 housing units by 2010 to civilians at the Earle Naval Weapons Station facility.
  • The taxpayers in Tinton Falls and Shrewsbury will be responsible for paying to educate possibly hundreds of students living in these homes at a price of approximately $12,000 per student.
  • Tinton Falls will not receive any money from the Navy to educate non-military (civilian) children who reside on this federal property. Even the property tax from this housing complex will not go to Tinton Falls because the housing is actually located on land in the borough of Colts Neck. So, Colts Neck gets the tax revenues while Tinton Falls residents pay the bills.

Brief Background
The Borough of Tinton Falls and the Navy signed a contract back in 1988 for Tinton Falls to educate Navy children living at Earle. However, based on a poorly-worded State law, Tinton Falls is required to educate children of civilians living at Earle, even though they are not part of the Navy and don’t live in Tinton Falls; all this without Tinton Falls receiving any compensation from the Navy.

  • To correct the state law and bring it into line with the contract between the Navy and Tinton Falls, a bill has been sponsored by Assemblyman Michael Panter and it passed earlier this year by an overwhelming majority of the State Assembly.
  • However, this bill also needs to be passed in the State Senate so it can be placed in front of the Governor. Senator Ellen Karcher has sponsored such a bill but it has not yet made its way out of the Senate Education Committee for a full vote by the State Senate.
  • If the State Senate bill is not passed by the end of this year, both the Assembly and Senate bills will expire and the process will need to start over again.

Sign the Petition Today
At Monday’s Tinton Falls Board of Education meeting, which I attended along with Councilman Brendan Tobin, Peter Karavites, the President of the Board of Education, reminded the public about the importance of getting this bill passed by the end of the year and urged residents to get involved. Several months ago, the Tinton Falls Borough Council passed a resolution drafted by Councilman Paul Ford in support of the school board’s ongoing efforts to get this legislation passed in Trenton.

The Tinton Falls Board of Education has posted a petition that you can sign on its website at that will be forwarded to members of the legislature.

Time is running out, please sign the petition today. If you would like to help in any way with this important issue, please feel free to contact me.


Michael Skudera
Tinton Falls Council President
732-542-3400 ext. 378