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Historic Meeting
Date 12.12.2022 7:30 pm
1 Jan
Historic Meeting
01.01.2023 7:30 pm

Historic Preservation Information

The Commission

The Historic Preservation Commission was formed in 1990, in response to concerns about preserving the heritage of our borough.  The commission consists of 7 volunteer members appointed by the mayor, and meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at The Crawford House

The commission's primary role is advisory to the Planning Board.  In the event of an application involving an historic structure or property, the Historic Preservation Commission submits a report analyzing the impact of the proposal to the property in question, and the appropriateness of the proposal in light of the property's historic significance.  The Commission uses codified Architectural Design Guidelines as a basis for determining appropriateness, and relies on a consultant for architectural expertise. 

The Commission is also responsible for reviewing applications for zoning permits, which must be issued for certain exterior alterations to any historic structure. Currently, the only designated historic structures in the borough are located within the Historic District.  If you own a home or business in the historic district and are planning improvements to the property, please contact the Historic Commission before beginning any work. We can help you understand how to best achieve your goal while protecting the historic fabric of your property and the integrity of the historic district.   We will also be happy to provide whatever resources, information, or guidance we can.

As with any other zoning function, the Architectural Design Guidelines and the Historic Commission review process are designed and intended to preserve property values.    Any historic property will be worth more to a prospective buyer if it has been appropriately and sensitively maintained and improved.  Preserving the character and integrity of our historic district protects the value of those historic properties within it, but also enhances the desirability of our borough as a whole.  And while protecting property values, this process also assures that the heritage of our borough will be intact and accessible for future generations, truly a priceless asset.

Aside from its role in planning and zoning procedures, the HIstoric Commission works with the non-profit Friends of the Crawford House as an advocate for historic preservation in our borough in a number of ways:

Rehabilitation and maintenance of the Crawford House as a history and cultural center

Sponsorship of Eagle Scout projects at the Crawford House,

and at the Pine Brook Cemetery

Documentation of oral history

Sponsorship of educational and recreational programming at the Crawford House

With any questions, contact us.

Want to know more about our local history?

The non-profit Friends of the Crawford House was formed to work with the Historic Commission as steward for the Crawford House and advocate for our borough history.   Members of the Friends work to preserve, protect, and promote local history through displays, programs, tours, and other educational activities.   For more information, visit the