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Tinton Falls Spotlight Corner

Forging History: Asbury Park Academy of Engineering Students Build Replica of Historic Tinton Falls Blast Furnace

A group of high school juniors from the Asbury Park Academy of Engineering recently achieved something truly impressive: they built a working replica of the blast furnace once used at the historic Tinton Falls Ironworks. Their model was unveiled at the Crawford House, where it was presented before the Historic Commission, Borough Council President Risa Clay, and Borough Administrator Charles Terefenko.

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The Historic Blast Furnace

The blast furnace at Tinton Falls Ironworks, established in the late 17th century, was a cornerstone of early American industry. It played a key role in the country's economic development by producing iron essential for tools, construction, and machinery. The furnace operated by smelting iron ore with charcoal and limestone at high temperatures, producing molten iron and slag. This iron was then cast into various products, supporting both local needs and broader colonial demands.

The Project

Under the guidance of their teacher, Kevin Gould, the students delved into historical research to accurately replicate the design and operation of the original blast furnace. They spent the past few months preparing, designing plans, and sourcing materials to ensure authenticity. Using modern tools and techniques, they created a scaled-down, functional version of the furnace that not only demonstrated the technical process of iron production but also honored the historical significance of the Tinton Falls Ironworks.

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The unveiling at the Crawford House was a proud moment for the students, their teacher, and the community. The model impressed the Historic Commission and Borough Council and Administrative Officials, highlighting the students' dedication and hard work.

Kevin Gould praised his students for their enthusiasm and effort. He noted that the project provided a hands-on way for them to engage with local history and understand the technological advancements that shaped America's economy. He commended their attention to detail and commitment to accurately replicating this machine.

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This project not only offered a detailed understanding of how a blast furnace operates but also highlights its integral role in early American industry. It stands as a tribute to Tinton Falls' rich industrial heritage, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the engineering achievements of the past.

The Mayor, Council and Administration proudly recognize the remarkable efforts of these students. Their commitment to this project has showcased their engineering talents and brought a piece of the town's history to life. Their creativity and teamwork have resulted in this achievement that the community can cherish and learn from.

This model will be displayed at the Crawford House, 750 Tinton Ave, Tinton Falls, New Jersey. We encourage everyone to visit and appreciate this impressive piece of work. Thank you to the students and their teacher for making Tinton Falls proud!